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Welcome to Kelsey Lynn Kendrick (formerly Tanasiuk).

She posts instagram stuff and reblogs fashion, kitch, and spooky stuff.

Also: I recently got married.
I blog that kind of stuff here:
I'm Getting Mawwied.



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  3. Skit Skat Cat!


    I suggest you watch this while listening to this. It makes all the difference in the world. 

    I could watch/listen to this all day everyday…



    This is a picture I took of an old stuffed animal I had.  It is a little cat and when you picked her up or moved her in any way SHE PURRED.  DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE NAME OF THIS RARE ARTIFACT?  

    Kitty Kitty Kittens! I had the white and the calico ones. I used to take mine on the bus to school on a regular basis, One of the boys on my route would play with them with me. We’d shake them violently and play “Ninja Cats” <3